2024 – Belt Breakaway Roping

Belt, MT, June 15-16

Breakaway roping: 1. Megan Lunak, 2.8 seconds, $1,894; 2. Payton Levine, 2.9, $1,647; 3. (tie) Brooklyn Berg, Jacey Fortier and Molly Salmond, 3.2, $1,153 each; 6. Tracey Bolich, 3.4, $659; 7. (tie) Alicia Bird and Jamie Haigh, 3.5, $288 each.

Total payoff: $8,234. Stock contractor: Various. Rodeo secretary: Cathy Wieferich. Offical: Mike Tatsey. Timers: Cathy Wieferich and Joyce Kesler. Announcer: Jeff Marn. Specialty act: Shelby Pierson. Bullfighters: J.D. Harrell and Dakoda Simmes. Clown/barrelman: J.J. Harrison. Flankmen: Tate Wieferich and Kenny Barringer. Chute boss: Kenny Barringer. Pickup men: K.C. Verhelst and Andy Bolich. Music director: Cassidy Marn. Photographer: twoods Woods.