The Keith Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award

2023 recipient of the Keith Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award - Mike Marzetta

From left to right: Laurie Marzetta, Mike Marzetta, Dr. Chris Peterson – son of the late Dr. Keith D. Peterson.

This year’s recipient of the Keith Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Mike Marzetta of Hoglund’s Work and Western Wear in Great Falls, Montana. The award is given annually to an individual who has displayed an undying devotion to support rodeo at all levels in the great state of Montana! Mike and Hoglund’s have been a proud sponsor of rodeo throughout the state of Montana particularly at the Montana Circuit Finals having been an event sponsor, a bull riding sponsor, a chute gate sponsor, a nite sponsor, a jacket sponsor, and a sponsor of Miss Rodeo Montana.

Hoglund’s has been in business in downtown Great Falls since 1951 and a premier sponsor at every Circuit Finals since its inception in 1979. Mike has worked at the store since 1977 and purchased Hoglunds in 2002. Mike and his wife, Laurie Marzetta’s loyalty and devotion to the sport of Rodeo in the great state of Montana is unparalleled. Presenting Mike and his wife with this prestigious award at this year’s Montana Circuit Finals is Dr. Chris Peterson, son of the late Dr. Keith D. Peterson.

Sports Medicine “A” Team

In 1981 the Montana PRCA Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine ‘A’ Team was formed by Dr. Keith Peterson, Athletic Trainer Rick Griffin and Jeff D’Amelio to provide medical coverage at the Montana PRCA Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals for it’s contestants. Over the years the medical program has grown into the preeminent provider of medical care for the contestants in professional rodeo for the Montana Circuit and Finals. In recent years the Justin Sports Medicine program has teamed up with Montana Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine to provide the best medical coverage in Pro Rodeo.

The Montana Sports Medicine ‘A’ Team now consists of a neurosurgeon, physical therapist, multiple athletic trainers, registered nurses, orthopedist, osteopath, paramedic, massage therapist and a group of health care personnel. For the past 42 years this group of professional medical personnel has volunteered and given their time to provide the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Contestants the best in medical care and exercise instruction to treat and prevent injuries. The group has raised the awareness of rodeo sports medicine by conducting research projects that have been published in medical journals throughout the nation and has conducted health clinics to educate the contestants in proper training techniques for the professional sport of pro rodeo.

The ‘A’ Team is a dedicated group of medical professionals who welcome the opportunity to provide medical coverage and carry on the dream and legacy of Dr Keith Peterson who passed away on September 30, 2018, at the age of 85. He opened his life and his heart to all who needed a hand, a lift, a wrap, an ice bag, a conversation, a story, or just a warm smile. Montana Pro Rodeo is grateful to Dr. Peterson for developing rodeo sports medicine and leading this amazing group of medical professionals for 38 years.

The current members of the Rodeo Sports Medicine” A” team are, Dr. Dale Schaefer, Rick Griffin MS, ATC, Jeff D’Amelio, Dr. Gregg Pike, Mary Bechen RN, Rusty Sullivan ATC, Debbie Larsen, Kevin Cox, Maria Gonzales LMP, Karen Rogge RN, Jay Schaffer EMTP, David Caldwell MPT and Mike Rich of the Justin Sports Medicine program.

The Sports Medicine "A" Team at the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals circa 1982

From left to right: Dr. John Halseth, Jeff D Amelio, Bill Reynolds, Rick Griffin, Dr. Keith Peterson. Circa 1982

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