News – 2013 Keith Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award

Duane Walker was very honored to be named the recipient of the 2013 Keith Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award because of what the award stands for and who it is named after. Duane stated that Dr. Keith Peterson dedicated so much time, energy and finances in putting together having a Sports Medicine team at the Montana Pro Rodeo Finals to which has truly made a difference for the contestants at the finals.

Duane was nominated by a close friend and colleague, Rick Griffin, Head Athletic Trainer for the Seattle Mariners and member of the Montana Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine team. Since the inception of the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals 34 years ago, Duane has served on the board as the Advertising Director and Secretary in helping establish the circuit. Duane dedicates many hours to the circuit each year in gathering up sponsors and creating the advertising logos to promote the finals.

As stated in Mr. Griffin’s nomination letter, “In 1981 and continuing to the present, Duane has been the person most responsible for the continued support of the Sports Medicine program that Dr. Keith Peterson started. Every year since, Duane helps arrange and organize not only the medical coverage but also works closely with the local EMT and Ambulance companies to make certain the contestants hare covered in case of serious injury. “
Duane is a tireless worker who goes about his duties in a way that does not bring attention to himself. Duane feels it very honoring to be in the company of the other recipients of the award.